Construction – Athlone Islamic Centre

Athlone Islamic Centre has been serving the whole Muslim Community in Athlone. We enjoy positive relationships with all communities within our locality. The mosque endeavors to provide a whole host of activities that have consequently resulted in increased interest in Islam.  Athlone Islamic Centre takes a holistic view of the community, aiming to provide a range of culturally sensitive services for the communities of Athlone and the surrounding with a view to improving, Quality of life and enhancing community cohesion. Its work is wide-ranging, much of it bearing the characteristics of community development.

Through its unique position in the community, Athlone Islamic centre is conduct and keeps focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community while ensuring that services are open to all. We operate hard to meets the needs of the local community by promoting health, Islamic education and recreational activities facilities opportunities; provides Muslims and non-Muslims with the opportunity to learn and understand Islam; and contributes to the social, cultural, spiritual and economic enhancement of the whole community through policy and strategy development combined with service.

Now due to increase in community in over past few years the common place is small enough to hold regular prayers. Athlone Islamic Centre is a requirement and Rumi Foundation Ireland wants to setup an Islamic Centre with facilities:

  • To provide the Muslim Community a religious and spiritual platform to improve their religion and spirituality
  • Promote peace, harmony, integration and tolerance
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non Muslims
  • Arranging programme from scholars and professional to educate about the Islam to children and youth and remove misunderstanding of Islam
  • Provide various other services to the Muslim community: Information centre about Islam, Friday prayer, Daily 5 prayers,  Hajj and Umrah services, Interfaith dialogue.Rumi Foundation Ireland – Athlone Islamic Centre holding regular and Friday Prayers.

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