Muslim Cemtery

Islamic Funeral Ceremony

The following information has been put together so that families and next of kin are aware of what to do and who to contact in the event of their loved one passing or being close to death’s door.  Rumi Foundation Ireland is not providing any service as of now and the information provided here is to help Athlone people to reach out to  ICC dublin.

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland arranges the burial, and transport (upon request). The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland organises the washing and shrouding.  Funeral prayers are performed here at the ICCI, but can also be prayed in the IFI.

Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:

  • Cost of grave:
    • €1520 (Adult)
    • €100 (Baby and child up to 6 years old)

    Cost for opening the grave:

    • €450 (Adult)
    • €150 (Baby and child up to 6 years old)

Contact  ICC dublin office for more details here

Funeral Request Form


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