Education is a fundamental right children deserve, and knowledge lifts people out of intellectual Poverty With your help, we can provide them the tools needed to learn.

In response to the Muslims’ need for a specialized Qur’anic Class, where the Qur’an and its sciences could be learned, the RUMI FOUNDATION IRELAND is intended to set up the evening classes with the support of the local community. It started off with just 10 participants. In 2020, the program was planned to teach the moral lessons AQAID, Pillars of Islam, Correction in Prayer, How to Understand Quranic Arabic. Your donation will help to set up and run the requirement of basic need of Islamic Knowledge.

NoteAs Covid Restriction is in place, no events are possible until year-end at the premises. Online service only

Educational Support


The mosque / Islamic Centre plays a vital role in bringing the community together and uplifting their spirits. Help us to build an Islamic Centre and unite these communities.

Please donate so the facilities can be increase to accommodate more participants and help us to pay for the arrangement.

We also have vision to setup a planning committee to improve the programme, who wanted to know more about the Islam to support such programme



Asalamu Alaikum,
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