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Covid-19 Prayer Booking

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In line with emerging public health and government advice, mosques are no longer conducting Friday Prayers for the public.

Due to COVID protocols Level 3 Restriction, Rumi Foundation Ireland at Athlone Centre are also not currently offering Jummah services and the Prayer spaces are temporarily suspended. Resuming any further Prayer services information will be communicated.

As we are seeing a continuing surge in cases in Ireland in the last few weeks, its essential our Muslim communities are prepared for the second wave and the challenges we will be facing this winter. Everyone should respect the measures being put in place and abide by them.

-The day of Jumuah is still blessed, so keep going with sending Salaah on the Prophet ﷺ, reciting Surah Al Kahf and make Dua during Dua acceptance time – the final hour before Maghrib.

We all pray for our communities that May Allah(S.W.T) keep them safe & make dua for the virus to be lifted.

Resuming Friday Prayer Service will be Notified.

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